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General Description

The American Allaunt is a large dog with as much or more emphasis on its physical abilities and intelligence than appearance.  That being said, the breed should appear as follows:

  • Visibly muscular   
  • Males;     26"-29" ,  100-150lbs.
  • Females;    24"-27",  90-130lbs.
  • Head;  broad with muscular jaw--- (proportions) skull should be as wide as is long and approx.  60% of length of head, muzzle should be wide and approx. 40% of length of head.
  • Body should appear longer than tall. 
  • Legs should be straight with thick bones.
  • Chest should be wide but not to wide to affect movement.        
  • Feet should be compact and toes not splayed or long.


The American Allaunt must be stable, confident and couragous.  Not exhibiting flightiness or fear.   This loyal breed is highly intelligent and affectionate.  Good with children and other animals.


The American Allaunt is a strong dog and a graceful runner,  showing speed and agility  that defy its size.