American Allaunt... a dog from the past, bred for the future

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The Past

The Alaunt was a breed used for guarding and hunting, with the ability to catch and hold it's prey.  Since it has been extinct for centuries, the origins and demise are lost forever.

The Future

The American Allaunt is first and foremost a highly intelligent family dog with the ability and willingness to perform a variety of tasks, such as hunting, protection, weight-pull and other competition sports.  The American Allaunt should present an imposing first impression!!!  It is a large muscular breed with extreme power, speed and agility.

American Allaunt Breeders Group

We are now looking for Charter Breeders and Breeders to help form the American Allaunt Breeders Group.

Charter Breeders will have the responsibility of determining which dogs are of breeding quality.  (Although all dogs will be registered American Allaunt, they may not be certified as breeding quality until the age of 18 months and approved by the Approval Board.)

T-Bone-- 4yr.old male 130lbs.

Dogs of AmAllaunt - American Allaunt

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Future Litters


If you are interested in puppies or to discuss the breed, contact us at the e-mail address below.